An economic and convenient tile heater no electro smog emission

ThermoVlies TwinStar is the low-energy tile heating system for renovations, for reconstruction on old buildings and for new buildinds. The system comprises ready-to-install haeting mats with a first-class Teflon heat conductor which has undergone previous testing. ThermoVlies TwinStar will solve all your problems concerning heating or temperatures. Cold floor coverings are turned into warm, cosy floors. The maintenance-free heating system ensures a healthy interior climate.

ThermoVlies TwinStar tile heaters can be installed on all solid-floors. All that is required is a modern 230 V connection. The heater mats must be embedded in tiling adhesive or in a leveling substance.

Regulatings heat perfectly

ThermoVlies TwinStar floor heating can be used as a complete heating system or as supplementary heating. A temperature thermostat should determine the floor and the room temperature. Thermostats with a timer are also availiable and particularly convenient and economical.

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